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rough draft, aka, lazy and this isnt timely any more - Under the Umbrella!

Nov. 27th, 2007 06:41 pm rough draft, aka, lazy and this isnt timely any more

This author is thousands of miles away from the recent insidous, destructive, and evil behavior many UMass students recently partook in, and therefore in the perfect place to comment upon it.

On November 15 and 16, formerly mild disagreements between students and administrators erupted in violent and unruly scenes of chaos.  Helpless students went to class harangued and assaulted, denied their basic student right to attend class undisturbed.  Whitemore, a fundamental pillar of campus life, was disrupted, disrespected, and shut down by the anarchist rebels.  Anarchists had a cornucopia of unreasonable demands, from increased transparency on diversity issues to a withdrawle of police officers from the dormitories.   Bravely, the administration met the mob, which consisted of GEO, SGA, GSS, and ALANA Caucus members.   The administration agreed to talk with rebel leaders, with weekly talks starting last Tuesday and continuing through February.  It is important at this historical time, to take a critical look at anarchists and the events of nearly two weeks ago. 

Finally, in a rather curious display, the anarchists' first claim was a call for increased diversity on campus.  As everyone knows, increased diversity on campus is a top priority for  the administration, the campus is getting more diverse by the day, so why the anarchists chose to call for this is unknown.  Perhaps they are simply blind to the rainbow of colors before them.  Perhaps they are coopting the racial and economic struggles to give their nihilistic drug influenced movement a glimmer of moral right.   In any case, they asked for a "transparent, accountable and democratic process that incorporates student input and oversight" on diversity issues.  The administration must not give in.  There is no such thing as a democracy with anarchists.

Anarchists also alcoholics and drug addicts.   They smuggle alcohol into the dorms through a loose affiliation of "buyers" or "runners."  While it is generally not illegal to drink alcohol in the dormitories, it is if one is underage.  The buyers therefore are not only enabling illegal underage drinking but also breaking the To combat this climate of filth in the dormitories, the administration was forced into implementing a security task force.  These brave, unsung, oft- harangued police officers patrol the halls, making sure the generally good student population is safe from illegal drugs and alcohol.  The officers pull double duty, too, manning checkpoints at entrances to residential buildings.  Here students may be forced to submit the contents of their bags for inspection, so as to prevent illegal smuggling.  So far, the efforts have shown remarkable success, as the number of student arrests on campus has risen dramatically in recent years.  It is hoped that within 5-7 years,  increased security combined with the new EPOCH program for first year housing will make drugs and crime will be a thing of the past on campus.  We can only hope. 

Perhaps the most fundamental disagreement between anarchists and administrators concern the rights of freshman to have all freshman housing.  The program of all freshman housing is known as the EPOCH program and anarchists disagree with this.  Anarchists claim an historical precedent occupying such buildings as Van Meter or James Hall.  They do not want to be forcibly removed from their homes and neighborhoods.  What the anarchists do not realize, however, is that the administration owns the land.  Although the anarchists may "live" there, they are living on borrowed land (attained by the administration through legal purchase.)  The administration is the legitimate authority on campus -- everyone agrees to the when they pay their tuition.  Therefore, it is the natural right of the administration to make decisions that overide any so-called "historical precedent."  Contrary to the anarchists' beliefs, there is no such thing as "student space."

Since they showed they have no qualms shutting down the campus, perhaps we should be fearful that the anarchists will turn their anext turn their attentions elsewhere, upon their main concern  -- the dormitories.  It is only a matter of time before anarchists are staging sit ins in dormitories preventing students from accessing their housing.  From there it is a small step to imagine rioting and looting inside the dormitories. 

The administration must therefore deal with the anarchists harshly and uncompromisingly.  Expelling strike leaders from the university is the first step.  The leaders must be made an example of.    In areas of heavy drug and alcohol use, the administration must cut off the hand, so to speak, and deal with all the students as if they were criminals.  Random bag searches should be replaced with mandatory bag searches.  No alcohol should be allowed in the dormitories for the few drops that reach the underage.  The administration should be free at any time to search the rooms of suspected anarchists, as well as impose sanctions on known anarchists.  One proposal has been put forth to increase the fees of known or suspected anarchists, thereby putting them in such a state of economic servitude that they will simply  not have the energy or time to rebel.  Harrangue anarchists on a regular .  As we are in a democracy, we cannot outlaw anarchist beliefs as such, but we can make those who hold such beliefs uncomfortable to the point of conversion. 

 from    Do not allow anarchists

 -- staging sit ins or worse rioting in the dorms preventing the citizens from living peacefully. 

might makes right, and the effective legitimacy of the administration  overides any historical precedent. 

This brings us to the next point, perhaps the most contensious for the anarchists. 

Another threat

Supporters of the anarchists say they represent the plight of thousands of disenfranchised students. 

UMass needs immediate and effective action against the leaders.  Consider sanctions such as meal swipes against those students who are members of affiliated . 

The majority of the student body is, of course, not evil.  Students and administrators can live peacefully on one campus.  However, the students, in not activelyh putting down this rebellion themselves have forced the administration to. 

UMass police have demonstrated an effective and strong hand in dealing with the anarchists before , the many examples of riots on Hobart Lane and In a show of great concession and humility, the administrator leaders agreed to talk to representatives of the anarchist factions.  Let us hope that they stand strong in their resilience.  While this is truly a bold step, and one must applaud the administration, this author prefers a less compromising approach.

The administration must not give into the demands of anarchists! 

Above all we must, as Mandela never tired of saying about his struggle, be aware that Palestine is one of the great moral causes of our time. Therefore, we need to treat it as such. It's not a matter of trade, or bartering negotiations, or making a career. It is a just cause which should allow Palestinians to capture the high moral ground and keep it

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Date:November 27th, 2007 03:42 pm (UTC)
Dude, this really needs to go in umass_amherst.