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A full day's journey on wikipedia - Under the Umbrella!

Nov. 21st, 2007 11:45 pm A full day's journey on wikipedia

A day's work:

Look at my friend's webpage, an essay that references a work of post modern literature.

On Wiki:

For clarity, look up said work

Criticism of postmodern criticism of science

Postmodern criticism of science

Various post modern thinkers


Heiddegger's role as a Nazi.

Neuremburg Trials

American prosecutors of the Neuremburg trials.

Mass deportation and excecution of ethnic Germans from Eastern Europe after World War II.


Various Soviet spies during the Cold War. 

p.s.  tales of my adventures have moved to a new place.  http://chibacitynews.blogspot.com/ .  It is mostly about, well entirely about so far, my adventures living in Japan.  I have been living here since September and prob will stay for 2 years.  I still think LJ is useful, and more conducive to a different style of writing, so I'll keep on posting (and havent stopped reading,) for the foreseeable future.  :'U


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